Odd Line Of Women Forms In Florida, Onlookers Shocked By What’s Seen At The Front

After Hurricane Irma unleashed its wrath on Florida, many people have been left trying to piece their lives back together. However, when an odd line of women began to form on the side of the road, onlookers were left shocked when they realized what was at the front – and now, people are starting to talk about it.

Many people from across the country have put their lives on hold to help the victims of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey in any way that they can. Although it’s difficult, people want to make sure that these victims, who have lost their homes, loved ones, memories, and life as they knew it, are given the chance to feel “normal” as soon as possible. However, when a bunch of female Florida residents began to form a line, onlookers were left shocked when they saw what was at the front and what they intended to do about it.

The people who uprooted their own lives to help the victims are often unnoticed and are also left without certain things the rest of us take for granted. So, when Florida women heard that they could help, they stepped right up to the task. Eventually, there were plenty of women lined up and what they were in line for has left every single viewer shocked. They were lining up to help the linemen.

A lineman is “a tradesperson who constructs and maintains electric power transmission and distribution lines,” according to Wikipedia. These men have left their homes and their families to work on getting electricity back to the Florida residents who have lost it – and they’re doing it through all hours, and the women in Florida heard they were having one problem – they had no time to clean their own laundry.

“See this line? All these ladies waited in line tonight to take loads of linemen’s laundry home,” Jennifer Taylor Koukos said, according to Love What Matters. “One lineman asked me what those ladies were standing in line for. When I told him they were waiting to be given laundry, with a look of sheer disbelief he said, ‘You gotta be kidding me!’ What a great night.”

People were stunned by the kindness and generosity of these ladies. “This is the America we need to see more of… the united front, helping in any way we can… this is what we need to make viral… This is what we should all strive for!” one user wrote while another said, “THAT’S WHAT MAKES AMERICA GREAT… thankful, generous acts of kindness reciprocated to thank those in return!”

Speaking to every American, yet another added, “Tears of joy! There is so much bad forced in our faces and yet this shows us that America is not what everyone (even our own media) wants us to believe. There is so much good out there!!! God made us this way and the USA was built by people looking for something more, something better. It’s here, guys!!”

There’s nothing more humbling than seeing victims of a natural disaster helping the people who left their families in order to go help them. It’s wonderful, and I truly believe that is exactly how God wanted us to selflessly give to one another. As Galatians 6:2 says, “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”

Source: madworldnews.com