Liberals Celebrate Las Vegas Shooting, Patriot Hero Silences Them In 6 Powerful Words

With more than 50 dead and over 500 injured, disgusting leftists wasted no time in supporting the murderer and celebrating the deaths of “Trump supporters.” However, their sick liberal rhetoric was cut short when a patriotic survivor of the mass shooting came forward to deliver 6 jaw-dropping words that deserve a standing ovation.

While bodies are still warm and some have not yet been identified to desperate family members searching for their loved ones, petulant liberals have shamelessly exploited the atrocity to further their political agenda. Whether through calls for gun control, spreading fake news that the shooter was a conservative, or even repulsively celebrating the deaths of dozens of civiliansbecause they may be Trump supporters, liberals never waste a serious tragedy. However, as these heartless leftists drool over the thought of innocent conservatives dying, one red-blooded country boy was there to put them in their place.

During an interview with Fox News, a young man in a cream-colored cowboy hat was asked about his testimony following what’s been labeled the deadliest mass shooting in American history. Although most eyewitnesses are understandably giving emotional accounts of the horrific attack, one shirtless, tattooed concertgoer instead reminded liberals who are shamelessly politicizing the atrocity for their agenda what really matters during this time of grief. “We’re brothers just because we’re American,” he passionately responded to the reporter, reiterating what he told wounded individuals he helped save.

“Were you carrying people?” the reporter asked.

“Yeah, we both were,” the 2 men responded, “as long as they weren’t gone.”

“What are you feeling right now?” the reporter prompted.

“Heartbroken,” said the Western-clad man before turning to the camera. “Anybody I met tonight, I told them that I’m an American and that we’re brothers just because we’re American tonight.”

Oddly, the station cut away to another eyewitness for his account of the horrifying shooting. Incredibly, his response was just as patriotic and resilient as the previous interviewees.

“You do what you can,” he said. “I mean we’re all together — red, white, blue, whatever. You know, you try and help each other. I just pray that they made it out and that whoever did this is neutralized.”

The interviews are a portrayal of conservative America’s response to such attacks. Instead of attempting to spin such a horrific tragedy for their political agenda, freedom-loving Americans have come together to help those affected by such attacks. But, while conservatives were busy condemning the shooter and rallying around the victims and their families, liberals were unabashedly praising the attacker and expressing hope that those with opposing views were killed off in the shooting.

Disturbingly, liberals have expressed their solidarity with the shooter and hope that deceased victims are Trump supporters. (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Even failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton seized the opportunity to use the attack in order to call for liberal gun control and blame Second Amendment supporters, including the NRA.

Clinton suggested that prayers and “grief isn’t enough,” suggesting that disarming law-abiding citizens is the answer to criminals illegally purchasing and using firearms. Of course, this isn’t her typical response to Muslim terrorists killing innocent civilians. In fact, she usually stands in solidarity with the Muslim community, despite the fact that there have been more than 31,000 Islamic terror attacks on the U.S. since 9/11 alone. Additionally, several readers exposed Clinton’s hypocrisy, reminding her that she had a much more apathetic approach to Americans dying in Libya under her watch.

“Imagine if you had put the same amount of caring, energy and drive behind #Benghazi they might still be alive!” one user responded.

“Does this sound like a statement fr/ someone who’s in GRIEF as u claim 2 be? You’re reminding us you’re that COLD HEARTED #BENGHAZI criminal?” another asked.

Others were quick to catch Clinton’s sly attempt to push for gun control, which is a tactic used by tyrants looking to seize ultimate power from citizens.

“‘When dictators begin their ascent to power they must first make sure the citizens are not armed.’ ‘Imagine’ @HillaryClinton resisting the urge to manipulate tragedy into political self-interest #propaganda #NRA isn’t the problem #politicallycorrect #drivel defies common sense,” one user replied.

“Like clockwork… cue the liberal calls for #GunControlNow and attack #NRA. Never let a tragedy go to waste, huh Hillary? Shame on you. #2A,” wrote another.

Here we see 2 very different responses to an American tragedy from opposite ends of the political spectrum. The right seeks to unify against such evil while the left lauds it and uses it for their political agenda.