Jamie Oliver Slams Cake and Bake Sales at Schools

One school also offered pizza and fried chicken to pupils if they took part in weekend revision sessions, a report for Oliver’s food foundation said

JAMIE Oliver’s food foundation has slammed school cake and bake sales – with a new report saying they create a “high fat culture” in British pupils.

The chef, who has taken on school food for many years, has now said food education is undermined with kids being bribed with doughnuts and pizza to attend class.

Chef Jamie Oliver has slammed cake and bake sales in schools saying they send out the wrong message

A report for the foundation said: “The culture of high fat and sugary foods used as rewards, in fundraising and in celebrations, is creating social and physical environments that contradict children’s food education.”

The study found students were even being offered treats if they behaved well or came to class – with one secondary school telling groups they would get doughnuts for 100 per cent attendance.

Another school offered pizza and fried chicken to pupils if they took part in weekend revision sessions, the report said.

The findings show that 86 per cent of secondary teachers and 85 per cent of those in primaries say their school fundraising activities include cake and bake sales.

He has said food education is undermined through fundraising events
Cake and bake sales have been slammed in schools

In addition to this the foundation said unhealthy food were often on offer at schools at a cheaper price, meaning children would pick them over healthier snacks.

The report also slammed marketing tricks used by supermarkets found in schools – of putting chocolate and sweets near the tills.

It said salad and healthier options were often found in places separate from the main food counters.

Oliver said: “We’ve found that there’s a massive difference between the schools that are doing a great job at delivering food education and those that are struggling.

“We are alarmed at the concerns raised about the food available, particularly in secondary schools.

“But at the same time, we are really motivated by the teachers, pupils and parents asking for a healthier school environment.”

Earlier this month Oliver compared rival chef Gordon Ramsay to a dementia sufferer after he repeatedly mocked him on telly earlier this year.

Foul-mouthed Gordon peppered his week-long stint hosting ITV’s The Nightly Show with digs at Oliver — calling him “fat” and attacking his cooking.

But speaking in an interview in the new edition of Radio Times, Gordon insisted he’ll never talk to his rival again unless he apologises to his wife, Tana, who miscarried last year when she was five months pregnant.

Source: thesun.co.uk