An Extremist Imam Told a Group of Children Aged Between Five and 15 that Waging Jihad Would Bring Them an ‘Everlasting Life of Pleasure’

Imam, 40, ‘told children as young as three they would get “everlasting pleasure” for fighting jihad and ranted that not even the Queen or Prime Minister could stop the law of Allah’.

An extremist imam told a group of children aged between five and 15 that waging jihad would bring them an ‘everlasting life of pleasure’, a court heard on Tuesday. Kamran Sabir Hussain, 40, told the impressionable youngsters that martyrdom in the name of Allah was the ‘supreme success’ during a sermon at a charity-funded mosque in Stoke-on-Trent.

The shocking rant was recorded by an undercover law enforcement officer named Qasim who was sat among 35 Asian men, two toddlers and the seven children. Hussain said in the recording: ‘What’s the nature of life? That you are killed, that you kill and that you are killed. This is your part of the contract… to fight in the way of Allay, to kill and be killed. ‘In return for this Allah will give you an everlasting life of pleasure.’

Hussain also referred to an ‘eternal life of enjoyment’ before claiming that martyrdom was ‘the supreme success.’ Children’s voices were also heard as Hussain referred to going before Allah on Judgement Day ‘with the bullet wounds and the sword wounds and you are raised in that situation with the blood still coming from your body.’

Hussain said martyrs were ‘standing on the front line defending Islam and the Muslims… they answered the call of Allah and the messenger.’ Three children aged around five years old were also part of the congregation on 5 August 2016 when Hussain allegedly referred to the Islamic State.

Hussain told the crowd: ‘They stand a black flag and establish the law of Allah over the necks of the people whether they like it or don’t like it. ‘The King, the Queen, the Prime Minister, whoever it is, they are not in a position to say you are not allowed to establish the law of Allah.’ Two weeks later the crowd included 25 Asian males, a young girl aged between two and three years old and ten to 15 children aged between five and 15, it is claimed.

Hussain told the audience that the British Government had created and funded the English Defence League (EDL) and Britain First ‘to come into your area and attack you and to insult you and to put you down.’ A child’s voice can be heard in the background as Hussain said: ‘I am saying stand up and be ready to sacrifice, be ready to spill blood and have your blood spilt in the way of Allah.’ Several children were also present on 26 August when Hussain attacked the counter-terrorist Prevent programme, saying: ‘They want to make Islam intolerable.’

The prosecution claim Hussain was encouraging terrorism and encouraging support for ISIS during the sermons between June and September 2016. The court heard the mosque was funded by a charity and set up in what used to be shop premises at 229 Tunstall High Street. Following his arrest an audio recording of someone else (not Hussain) telling a rally: ‘Inshallah we will see the black flag rise over Big Ben and Downing Street.’

He gave a short written statement to police claiming he was exercising his freedom of religion and freedom of speech, adding: ‘I do not believe I am a terrorist or encouraged anyone to be a terrorist.’ Hussain, of Knightsbridge Way, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent, denies six counts of encouraging terrorism between 24 June and 16 September 2016 under section 1(2) of the Terrorism Act 2006 and two counts of encouraging support of a proscribed organisation under section 12(3) of the Terrorism Act 2000.

The trial continues.